help with spray tan

by jenny

Question: ok so i went and lady said my skin took the color well. but i went for touch up on my chest area and stomach only and the blotchy parts where the tan was coming off already only 2-3 days! it stayed lady said it would go away within 30 min after tan but it never did. And now i been scrubbing with a loafa and some exfoliating bodywash and trying to get most of it off took 2 showers today. so far got most of the blotched parts off chest but sides where shirt rubs more are white and the middle of stomach is still tanner. i want to know how to make it look even and normal when i go again to spray tan within 2days. need help because i cant do the tan beds snce i had some sun spot on my middle back and do not want skin cancer, so spray tan is my only option which i do need. thank you

Answer: The spray tanning technician should be able to even everything out by spray tanning darker areas once and the lighter areas twice.
Maybe you could use a different solution that would work with your skin better?
Don't get discouraged. For some people it takes a bit of experimentation, but when you finally get it right you will love it.

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