Heavy Duty Exfoliation Before Spray Tanning Is My Best Spray Tan Tip.

When I started spray tanning I thought that my best spray tan tip would be to use some amazing spray tanning solution or some new high tech machine that would somehow bind the spray tanning "paint" to skin cells and make the tan last for a very long time.

It proved to be totally opposite.

My best spray tan tip is to use heavy duty exfoliation to prepare your skin. Skin that has not been exfoliated properly might tan in patches of different shades and when the spray tan will fade, it will fade unevenly. spray tan peeling Think about it this way. If you want to paint your room, you have to get rid of all the old, peeling paint first, patch up the holes and prepare it with undercoat.

Yes, it is the most boring part of painting your room, but if you skip this preparation you will pay for it dearly later. Your newly painted room will look like crap with uneven texture on walls and the bits of old paint peeling really quickly, making your room look probably worse than before you even started.

It is the same with spray tanning (the surface of your skin really DOES look like the photo of the peeling paint above).

If your skin is properly prepared by removing as much of the loose, dead skin layer as you can - especially in places like knees, ankles and elbows, the solution will adhere evenly to your whole body. You will look great and not only that, your tan will last a whole lot longer.

That happens because the shallower your dead skin layer,the longer it takes for it to build up before it starts looking like the peeling paint and is ready to go through natural exfoliation.

Although there are many products on the market that will exfoliate your skin (some better than others) I have never been fully satisfied with any of them, because none of them have ever got rid of my problem spots like dry ankles, knees and elbows. That is - until now. spray tan removal mitt I came across Baiden Mitten accidentally, looking for a skin care product. I ordered it, tried it and was incredibly amazed at what it was able to do for my skin. It got rid of ALL my dry skin, additionally making it as smooth as silk.

What Baiden Mitten does, it gathers any excess dry skin and rolls it off your body in little (and not so little) strips. It is quite a weird feeling to see all those impurities and dead skin rolls on the bathroom floor. It does an exceptionally good job on knees, elbows and feet, which are the trouble spots in spray tanning.

Here is what it looks like in action:

I love trying new products and I am mad about exfoliation, so I have tried a lot of things. However, I have never came accross a product that comes even close to Baiden Mitten. It did such an incredible job on my skin that it looks better now than it has since I was in my early 20s (and that was many, many years ago).

Of course I tried it with spray tanning and self tanning and the results were OUTSTANDING! The tans I get now are really even and glowing. In fact they do not look anymore as if I have a tan on, but almost as if I have a naturally olive skin. The coverage is better, the color is deeper and best of all - the tans do not wear out nowhere near as quickly as before. In fact I am keeping my tans now about twice as long as before I started to use Baiden Mitten.

Here is why I recommend Baiden Mitten as my best spray tan tip:
- Exceptional pre tan exfoliation (it works equally well for spray tans, solarium tans and sun tans.
- Removing spray tan. If you got too much spray tan on some body parts then rubbing the mitten lightly will take off some color, but if your spray tan is old and tired and needs to come off alltogether, then just soak for 15 minutes in warm water and give your body a good scrub. The mitten will take everything off.

Baiden Mitten is an exceptional tool in spray tanning. However, it is not the most amazing thing that it does.

I was so impressed with it that I actually hopped on the plane and flew to San Diego to meet the lady that is importing the mittens. I spoke to her on the phone previously and what she told me about the Baiden Mitten seemed too good to be true. I had to see for myself.

What I found was a woman in her 50s with a skin of a teenager. It is her on the video above (her name is Ishay). Check out her skin. She has been using Baiden Mittens for over 35 years.

She showed me a photo of her mother in her mid 60s, who had used Baiden Mitten all her life and who could have easily passed for a woman in her 40s. Here are some results - they are true and definitely not photoshopped:
Baiden before after Baiden Mitten results Results with Baiden Mitten
My skin - like Melissa's on the left, looks better than it did 10 years ago. It is clear, tight and luminous. It looks great even without make up.

However, skin that is perfectly polished and in top condition looks AMAZING with make up on. I get many complements and am actually wearing make up more often than before because of this fact. I am quite convinced that I will be using Baiden Mitten for the rest of my life. It is better than the microdermabrasion because it is so affordable that you can actually use it regularly, while microdermabrasion sessions break the bank. Not only that - how much would microdermabrasion cost you for the WHOLE BODY once a week? I will not even contemplate that!

Baiden Mitten cleans the pores DEEPLY, so when you sweat, you sweat all over your body. That provides detox effect as a lot of toxins are removed that way. While toxins are removed the skin absorbs a lot more oxygen, so you feel more alert and happy. Really.

You also sleep a lot better. That is the effect of deep skin massage (ohhhhh, it is sooooo nice.....) that the mitten provides which increases blood circulation.

Truly, I have not been able to find a single bad thing about using Baiden Mitten.

Ishay told me that the secret of Baiden Mitten is the way it is made. There have to be a certain amount of knots on the very thin threads that the mitten is made of certain, exact distance apart. If that is not exactly right, the Mitten will not work properly.

There is only one man in Turkey, who has been producing the mittens for over 40 years that knows how to do it. He comes from the same family that produced mittens for Sultans' harems. It is an art that has survived in one family for centuries.

Here is Melissa's experience of the Baiden Mitten:

So, after I visited Ishay and saw in with my own eyes the miracles that Baiden Mitten performs on the skin, I am happy to say that I am now able to offer it to you, my customer.

I am also able to guarantee that Baiden Mitten will work for you but if you are not happy with it for any reason there is 60 days money back guarantee.

I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity, because it is the closest your skin will ever come to the fountain of youth.

Find out more about Heavy Duty Exfoliation Baiden Mitten here.

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I read about how good the Baiden mitten was from the internet and I just had to have one to see for myself. I am a regular user of spray tan and I find the Baiden Mitten is the best product around for removing old tan from my skin and for pre tan exfoliation. I use the mitten as part of my weekly beauty regime and I am so happy that I have discovered such an effective product .

Michele Johnston

Believe it or not this is the very first review I've written for anything! I've had my Baiden Mitten for 2 years and I used it once a week religiously. It is hands down the best beauty product I have EVER purchased! It makes my skin so soft that I seriously look forward to using it every week. Also, if you ever use self tanners or get spray tans, than you already know that after about a week the tan starts to lose it's luster and look uneven. This product is the only one on the market that will scrub it off for you 100 percent. I promise you, the baiden mitten will not disappoint. For best results, shower or bathe for 15 minutes in hot water before attempting to use it. Do not use any soaps prior. After I scrub my whole body and face with the mitten, I use a salt scrub head to toe. I then use a mild soap to wash with. This easy process which takes about 20 minutes makes me feel so rejuvenated and clean like I just left a spa!. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!


Being the owner of a spray tanning business, I know the importance of proper exfoliation in order to have the best tan possible….I toyed around with ordering this mitten and I’m so glad I did….it really does make your skin feel great and prepares it properly for spray tanning. I love the fact that I don’t have to use anything at all other than the Baiden Mitten to accomplish this! I recommend them to most of my clients and several have ordered …LOVE it!

Karla Mancil Johnson