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1) How safe are your beauty products? A compelling report about dangers of nasty chemicals that are routinely added to our beauty products, and which could make you sick or kill you.

2) Totally Natural Sugar substitute Xylitol. I thought I would put it here because it has had such a HUGE impact on my health and beauty. I used to stay away from desserts, because I was getting fat, but since I discovered this stuff, it changed my diet into such a delicious one, because I now can have all the sweet things without putting any more weight on. In fact I lost weight since I have started using it - while eating sweet treats (I make my own, so I can put Xylitol in instead of sugar). Also my skin became amazingly clear. Love it!
Below is the link:

Xlear Australia

This is a three month update after I started using Xylitol.This stuff is super amazing. I now have lost 5 kg and my husband 15kg. I thought we had good diet before. Yes, it was not bad, but we still could not not shift that stubborn weight.

What Xylitol did, it helped us reduce portions considerably and totally cut out snacking. What we do is, whenever we feel like we would like to eat something, we grab a small spoonful of Xylitol. Within minutes, the craving is totally gone. Xylitol does not damage your teeth and has a GI index of 7 as compared to sugar which is GI 100 (so you don't have to brush your teeth after you have it and you feel full for much longer because you don't get a sudden sugar hit).

We also have a spoonful 1/2 hour before dinner, and so when we sit to dinner we are not hungry at all, in fact we don't really feel like eating. Can you imagine sitting down to dinner and feeling too full to eat?

Our portions have gone down by about 1/2. I also made our diet much healthier, because when you don't really crave food you make choices from the point of "What is good for my body" and not "What do I feel like". So, it is a small piece of lean meat and steemed vegies or a salad.

It is very liberating not to have to think about food all the time. I did not realize I did it before, but now I seem to have additional 4 hours in my day that I have to fill (not that I am complaining). There, that is my rave for today.

Here is the link again.

Xlear Australia

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