Gym Session after spray tan.

by Nicole Smith

Question: How soon can i go to the gym for a work out after my sray tan? is it ok to sweat or will this cause streaks! ???

Answer:Wait for the next day after spray tan and after you had a shower. That way the tan would have developed fully and you would have washed off bronzer, so your clothes will not get stained.

When you sweat, some of your tan will come off, as sweat is acidic. To counteract it just equip yourself with a tan extending lotion, which has a low concentration of spray tanning solution in a moisturizing cream. After you've had a shower on the completion of your gym session, just moisturize your body with the lotion, and it will give your tan a boost and repair most of the damage.

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Jul 02, 2011
Gym session
by: Anonymous

I did a mosturizing tan last night, I just realized i was supposed to go the pool today with my friends but i never told them i got a fake tan. and im starting gymnastics camp in 3 days, will the fake tan make streaks or come off by sweting the whole day? i need help!!

You will probably damage your tan in the pool and gym as well, but instead of worrying about it, just get yourself a tube of gradual self tanner and moisturize every evening with it.

You can customize it - as in not moisturizing body parts that are still dark, just the ones that have gone white, and because the gradual tanner only puts a little bit of color on, you will be able to blend in the different shades.

May 26, 2010
working out at the gym after a spray tan
by: Anonymous

Question: I had my spray tan done this morning, after waiting 6hrs to have a shower, will it be ok to go to the gym after I've had my shower.



Answer: Yes, but try not to sweat too much as sweat damages tan. And also, if you can avoid wearing gym shoes it would be good, or you might finish with white feet.

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