got water on my airbrush tan after enough time passed!

Question: Hi! I spray tanned for the first time, and love the color! But like 6-7 hours later, I washed my face and some water got on my arm, and now i have a streak; the color washed off and is back to pale/my original skin color!! I am like afraid/wary to take a shower next morning in fear of my whole tanned body washing off/going away!!!

Answer: The color that you have on now is the color that your skin developed PLUS the color of bronzer on top of it. It is probably so dark that it is unnatural.
After you have your shower about half of it will wash off, and you will be left with a much lighter, but definitely natural looking tan.

Although it might look like the water washed all of your tan off, actually this probably is the color that you will be after you have a shower. It only looks so white because you are comparing it to the bronzer on the rest of your skin, but in fact it is most likely few shades darker than your real skin color.

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