going swimming with fake tan on

by cole

Question:plz could u help me out am going away with my little one and would love 2 take her swimming am having a spray tan done b4 i go do u think it would be safe 2 go in2 the swimming baths really dont fancy going in chalk white thanxs.

Answer: If you are going to take your little one to a chlorinated pool than your fake tan will just get bleached within 1/2 hour, so not much point of getting it.

If it is sea water then the prognosis is a little better, but remembering how long little ones can spend in the water, your spray tan will not last very long.

You can still have a spray tan but make sure that you take a gradually tanning cream or lotion with you and every night moisturize your body with it after you have shower. That way you will keep your tan a bit longer.
Don't forget to use a sun block as well, spray tan does not protect you from the sun.

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