going green

my daughter had a spray tan last night and went green! she has been to the same lady on numours occassion and used the same colour. It was hot yesterday , could that be the reason?

She has her prom tomorrow (Friday) and is in a right state. I have not spoken to her this morning as I am at work. She also felt funny and collapased!

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Oct 28, 2015
by: Anna

Haha. Sorry for laughing, but this is funny. It's not the temperature that was the problem. It was the mix of chemicals that was wrong. Hope everything turned out alright.

Jul 02, 2015
Spray tan gone green!
by: Boshena

It could be due to couple of things:
- the solution could have been stale or exposed to high temperatures. That is when it turns green.

- Your daughter used some body cosmetic which reacted with the solution.

As you say it was very hot, it is possible that it could be solution going off because of temperature. If that was the case, your daughter would finish with no tan after she had a shower as the solution would have lost it's tanning abilities.

When it comes to collapsing - it possibly could have been the heat, but also no matter what the spray tanning companies tell you, spray tanning solutions can be toxic and the effect can be cumulative.
I myself developed a nasty rash after spray tanning with the same solution for 2 years. I had to change the solution to a more natural one as the rash kept returning.

There are now a lot of organic spray tan and self tan alternatives, it might be better to go that way.

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