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Giraffe spray tan - not quite as bad...

Giraffe spray tan - not quite as bad...

Question: i used a tanning lotion and it worked great, but a week later as the tan faded, little brown freckles that weren't there before are there now! but only on my legs. how do i get rid of them?!

Answer: Ha, ha, you just discovered where your dry patches are on your legs. This is just dry skin bits that grab more of the spray tanning solution and turn darker then the rest of the skin. As you tan fades they stay dark for much longer and look - well, not very attractive.

The only sure way of getting rid of them is to exfoliate regularly with Baiden Mitten
Ordinary exfoliation just does not seem to do much to prevent this, but Baiden Mitten gets rid of those dry spots in one go.

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