Getting spray tan on top of fake tan.

Question: I am just wondering if it is ok to get a spray tan even though I am already using fake tanning lotion? as in, will the spray tan be like a layer on the fake tan instead of on my own skin? therefore maybe making it last not as long? hope that makes sense! thank you

Answer: Lots of people come for a new tan before their old tan has worn off completely, and they get "a top up".
Fake tans work on the same principle as as spray tans, they use DHA as the tanning agent, so it will be just like putting another coat of fake tan on except in different form.

Make sure that you exfoliate well a day before your session and everything should be fine. It will not affect the life of your new tan.

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Oct 29, 2008
helpful answer
by: Lauren

Thankyou for your helpful answer and prompt response, this site is great keep up the good work! xx

Comment by Boshena
Thanks Lauren, I am glad that I could help, thanks for the feedback.

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