Getting a spray tan on top of a spray tan

by Heather

Question: If i get a spray tan one day, if i go back the next day and get one will it make me even darker?

Answer: Yes, you will get darker. It is actually the best way to do it if you are getting "double dip".
First spray tan, then wait for it to develop overnight, have a shower and go for the second spray tan.

You will finish with a nice deep tan.

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Mar 30, 2016
Will it last Longer?
by: Anonymous

Question: Will getting a spray tan on top of a spray tan help it to last longer?

Answer:Not necessarily. Most likely it will come off in patches, which will look worse.
The only two ways I know to make the spray tan last longer is to use Baiden Tan pre tan exfoliator which you can get here:
That will remove almost all the dead skin layer off your body. Since spray tan affects ONLY the dead skin layer, when it is really shallow, it will take twice as long to "grow" back until it is ready to sloth off. I found that Baiden Mitten will extend the tan up to 2X

The second way is to use tan extender after your spray tan. It is simply a moisturizing lotion which has some DHA in it, so it just gives your tan a boost.
Here is an example of a good one:

Between Baiden Mitten and Tan Extender you should have no problems keeping your tan for 2-3 weeks :-)

Oct 05, 2011
Spray tan over blotchy spray tan
by: Anonymous

Question: What happens if the spray tan is old and patchy and you get a new spray tan?

Answer: It will be fine provided that you exfoliate really well, so as much of the old tan as possible will be removed before you get a new tan.

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