Freckly Face after spray tan

Question: I just got a spray tan and have got a completely freckly face and I don't know why, thats the truth, i don't have a clue why? my legs are patchy, my arms are patchy my tummy is fine and my back is white and i have had loads of successful spray tans, what happened thats what i wanna know. Beth, 14

Answer: Three things can cause it. Either equipment problem (splattering), stale spray tanning solution or condition of your skin on the day of the spray tan.

Sometimes something you eat, or use on your skin or some medication you take can alter the chemical composition of the skin. Your skin is a living thing and sometimes can be unpredictable.

Most regular spray tanners got at least one shocking tan in their spray tanning life, myself included.

Still, it would be a good idea to go back to the salon and ask them about it, they could have had a problem that has nothing to do with you. A lot of salons will compensate you with a free spray tan to make up for the bad on. It will not make this one better, but it is something...

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