Fraxional Laser -
The Ultimate Beauty Treatment.

If you are looking for skin rejuvenation, Fraxional Laser is the ultimate beauty treatment.

It is so good that results are truly miraculous. Yes, it involves some pain, couple of sleepless nights and few days of looking really scary, but you come out of it easily looking 10 (or more) years younger.

I have been curious, but at the same time really scared of the laser skin resurfacing because about 10 years ago I have seen it in action. A young woman that used to baby sit my kids was a victim of a dog attact as a child, and she chose laser skin resurfacing to get rid of the scars.

I saw her about 1 week after the treatment and she looked horrific - it took her well over a month to get through the whole process. Sure, she looked terrific afterwards, but she told me that if she knew enough about it she probably would not have done it, as it was so painful.
So, although I liked the results, I was not really prepared to pay the price.

However one doctor on the Gold Coast (Australia) was giving free consultations about various beauty treatments and so I dragged my mother along to get educated.

Dr Fassi is really lovely and he really explained everything fully. It seemed that skin laser resurfacing has now involved into Fraxional Laser therapy which involves much less pain and only about a week of down time (means you don't show your face in public for about a week if you don't want to scare people).

Since Dr Fassi has just opened the new clinic and had incredibly affordable introductory prices I quickly bribed my mother for the fraxional laser treatment as at 75 she had a lot of wrinkles. I offered to pay for the treatment (still, quite an expensive present) and since my unsuspecting and trusting mother had no experience with the laser, she agreed. I opted out for a much less radical instant face lift.

This is how she looked "before":

Before fraxional laser

Before fraxional laser

Mum really looked like an old lady and what I did not really like was that people treated her as such, and she started to buy into that idea.If you would know my Mother you would also know that she was always full of energy (hyperactive actually), had everything under control and was active and fit.

Lately I noticed people treating her like a senile old lady, using patronizing language and I did not like it one bit. I saw her loosing her spirit and giving up. Something had to be done.

Dr Fassi put a cream on my mother's face to numb it (she became mildly alarmed at this point) and after about 30 minutes she had her treatment. I was full of optimism, but when she came out from the Fraxional laser treatment I nearly passed out. Her face looked like a raw hamburger and it was swollen to about 1 1/2 its normal size. Dr Fassi must have seen the panic in my eyes, because he quickly offered a very generous discount on collagen mask and light therapy which has apparently amazing healing powers.

She lied under the lights for 40 minutes with the mask on and when she finished she looked marginally better.

I could see absolutely no way that her face could be cleared in 7 days. I was keeping a brave face for her, and she was keeping a brave (and very sore) face for me as we drove home.

I was so overwhelmed, that I did not take any photos at this stage.

That day she had her meal through the straw and lived on pain killers.

The next day she started looking just a tiny bit better:

After Fraxional laser

Day after fraxional laser

After skin laser treatment.

She had a sleepless night with few pillows under her head to keep the head elevated.
Although tired, Mum noticed that the skin became a lot tighter, so she was cousciously optimistic. She was still in a lot of pain and she hardly slept at all as the skin was burning and weeping. We did not know that it would happen, so two white pillowcases got trashed as the liquid that was seeping out of the wounds was pinkish in color, as if mixed with blood.

More pain killers, lots of vaseline to keep the crusty skin soft and one more sleepless night, and my Mother looked like this:

Skin laser treatment.

Laser clinic skin treatment

Laser wrinkle removal

As you can see my Mother was not a very happy chappy at this stage. Two sleepless nights sitting almost upright in bed and inability to venture outside when the weather was spectacular really took its toll. She was grumpy, blaming me for her pain and "doubtful results" - she was still very swollen, but thankfully the wounds stopped weeping. Mum put some mineral powder on her face because we had a doctor's visit to go to and she wanted to look a bit better (it did not help at all, I think). She was sure that she would never do anything "that stupid" again.

It was by far the hardest day in her Fraxional Laser extreme makeover journey.

But the next day:

Fraxional laser

Wrinles removal

laser treatment

This day was amazing! The scabs started falling off in big pieces and although Mum's face still was sore and itchy she could quite well cope without any pain killers. Although it felt that the healing lasted for ages, it was only Day 3 after the Fraxional laser. I felt euphoric! After all I did not get my Mother disfigured.

She was getting quite excited and spent a lot of time in front of the mirror. On the photos her face is very shiny, she was still overusing the pertroleoum jelly, because her skin was so itchy.

I was beginning to think that she will not have to wait for a month to get her face looking normal, after all.

Day 4 after Fraxional Laser:

Skin laser before and after.

fraxional laser before and after

Laser clinic before and after photos

Almost all the scab is gone, and the skin is very pink and delicate. Looks so great! My mother was over the moon but she quickly noticed that her face lifted about 1 1/2 centimeters which left her throat really loose and wobbly. "Next time" she said "I am having my throat done". I almost fell off the couch - "Next time?" Just 2 days ago she told me never, ever to mention Fraxional laser to her again and now she is planning for the next procedure?
Not only that, she also gave me the time frame - she is coming to visit me in 2 months and wants the treatment booked!

OK, I have created a monster, but she DOES look fantastic.

Day 5.

facelift before and after

laser face lift extreme make over

Mum got up early in the morning and put on some light make up. She said that she does not feel like an old woman anymore, so she does not want to look like one either. Way to go, Mum!

Mum's skin is getting better and better, because apart from skin resurfacing there is a lot more collagen forming, so her skin is improving daily.Photos don't do justice to the enormous transformation that my mother experienced after Fraxional Laser treatment. On the photos you cannot see that Mum's face used to wobble when she talked. It does not any more. I am so thankful to Dr Fassi that made it possible not only by encouraging us to go through with it, but also by making his prices so very, very affordable (about 1/2 what others charge). He wants to keep his prices much lower than others to give "normal people" like my Mum a possibility of getting their youth back. (If you would like Dr Fassi's details just drop your details in the form below). My Mum has not only changed her looks, she has changed her personality as well. She has become just as I remember her from about 10 years ago (perhaps a bit too bossy again for my liking). Instead of sitting home and watching television she is going shopping, visiting friends and beginning to paint again.

Here is a photo of her 1 1/2 weeks after the Fraxional laser treatment (notice the sparkle in her eyes - the life force is back):

After Laser skin resurfacing treatment

The last words come from my Mother:

"Would I do it again? - in a heartbeat!"

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