First timer spray tanner.

by Hanna

Question: I am only 15. But I am very pale and want to try to use a spray tan. I would say that my skin type is either a two or one. I want to try tanning but i'm scared that if I do, it will be obvious. Also, because I play tennis I have some uneven tan lines, but I do not want to be sprayed by a technician. How could I do this?

Answer: You can have a booth spray tan. Ask for the lightest tan which will give you a nice glow but not a strong tan. Your tan lines will blend in better with spray tan on and even if they are visible, it will make your tan look even more natural.

Make sure that you get some gradual tanner like Beautisol All year tanner for your feet, because if you wear tennis shoes the spray tan tends to get rubbed off of your feet very quickly and you will need to retouch it every evening by rubbing a little bit of product on your feet before you go to bed.

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