False Advertisement?

Question:I first experience with Versa Spa was in Chico, CA. The results were amazing the color was perfect and real natural looking. Even when it began to fade it was never spotty and orange really was the best. So I moved to Sacramento and was having a hard time finding a Versa Spa then I found one at California Sun. The results were horrible, it was like they put Mystic tan in a Versa Spa machine. Is that even possible? Why would the results vary so much?
Thank you for your time.

Answer: Salons that buy Versaspa are encouraged to use the original solution, but not always choose to do so. They can use whatever they want.

If I was in your shoes I would first ring the salon in Chico and find out what solution they are using. It is probable that they are using the Versa Spa brand solution or another one that is obviously great on your skin.
Then find a salon that uses the same solution and proabably you will get the same great results.

Another problem that could have happened is that the salon in Sacramento's solution was going stale (it has an expiry date and also can go off if overheated) and that could also have given you the bad results. Complain to the salon (and find out what solution they use). If they did not realize it they probably would be very grateful for the feedback.

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