fake tan peeling

by Lesley

Question: i recently got a spray tan and i realy liked it but its started to peel off my legs stomach back and armsiv only had it done for 2 days, i hae been putting loads of creams on to moisturise the skin, but nothing seems to be helping it im realy dissapointed as i get alot of spraytans and this is the first its happened its also ichy on the areas were its peelin, does anyone know whats happening and hwo to help it??

Answer: Hi Leslie, I had only one client that that happened to and with her we worked out that she was peeling in the areas where she used her perfume. She peeled on the chest, wrists and behind knees (thats how we worked out why - not many people spray perfume on the back of their knees).

My thinking is :

1) It colud have something to do with the solution. Different solutions have different effects on different bodies. You might get 100 clients whose skin works beautifully with the solution, and then one that will be allergic to it. Check out with your spray tanner what brand of solution she used and stay away from it (that is if you never had that brand applied before).

2) If you had it before and it worked fine on your body, you might try to remember if you maybe just started using different soap, body wash or moisturizer. Sometimes those things can linger on even if you showered before going for your spray tan.

3) If it is associated with itchiness, it could be that your body has built up an allergy to spray tanning. That is what happened to me. After years and years of spray tanning without any problems, one day my body had enough and every time I spray tanned, I became very itchy, especially behind my knees and on the inside of my arms.
From that time on, I have only been able to use Safetan to self tan with.

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