Fading of spray tan

by Niki
(Leicester, Engalnd)

Question: I am going abroad next year to see my daughter get married. I dont tan easily as i am very fair skinned. I wanted to get a spray tan before I go but as I will be there a week before she weds I am concerned that i wont be able to go in the pool or in the sea. As the holiday is in Rhodes I would like to be able to do this. Can you advise me on what to do and what sort of tan to get


Answer: After a week you will not have much spray tan left, so I would not be having a spray tan one week before the wedding.
I am pretty sure that there must be a spray tan salon in Rhodes, in that case you should get a very light spray tan about 1 1/2 day before the wedding. So, if the wedding is on Saturday lunchtime, the best time for a spray tan is either Thursday afternoon or Friday morning at the latest. That gives the spray tan enough time to devolope and enough time to fix any small problems that might occur (like time to scrub your hands and feet if they would become a bit too dark).
Alternatively, buy some good quality self tanner like Safe Tan and apply a day before. Safe Tan has a great applicator that will prevent any oopses, and you can practice with it before you go on holidays to make sure that you will get a perfect result.
In a small bottle there is enough solution for few tans, so it would last you all through the holidays and you would look good not only at the wedding, but also all the time you were on holidays, thus making the other mother in law really jelous.

Just remember that chlorinated water will bleach the tan pretty much instantly, so if you want to have a great tan, limit the trips to the pool or be prapared to have to reapply the solution after each trip to the pool.

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