facial after spray tan

by Anna

Question: I wonder if after facial can i have straight away done spray tan??

Answer: I am not sure if you are asking me if you can have facial straight after spray tan or the other way around.

Neither way it is a good idea though.

If you have spray tan and then facial on the same day, it will take the spray tan straight off. In fact, facials will take off spray tan even if the tan has set properly, because the main process with the facial is very deep exfoliation which rubs off the top, dead skin layer. That is the place where your spray tan lives, so if the dead skin comes off, so does the spray tan.

If you have facial first and then spray tan, it is very likely that all the moisturizers that were used on your face and which contain oil will prevent the solution from getting through. That means that your face and neck will probably remain white when all the rest of your body will turn brown.
It is best to have a good shower and wash all those products off with soap that does not contain moisturizers and then your skin will be ready for a spray tan.

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