face redness and spray tan

Question: Hi, I'm a redhead (strawberry blonde lol) and I blush a lot in the face so i wear foundation to cover up the redness. I was wondering whether spray tan would cover up this redness so I don't have to wear foundation? As I hear the constant removol of makeup will make the tan not last as long so I didn't really want to have to wear foundation everyday. But didn't really want a dark tan either as I am pale and it would look a bit silly.

Answer: A light tan will certainly help in camouflaging some of the redness, but not all. However, you might be quite happy with the effict, because a little bit of color goes a long way in some circumstances.

Make up removing cosmetics certainly remove spray tan quicker, but you can help it by using a gradual tanner every night (or as needed) as a moisturizing cream after you remove your make up. Something like Beautisol All Season Glow should do just fine.

That will give you a glow, possibly eliminating the need for foundation and you will be able to control the shade that your face is.

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Nov 02, 2011
Redness and freckles
by: Anonymous

Hi, i am blonde, and have fair skin with freckles on my cheeks. I have some redness on my cheeks also, and i blush quite a bit. So i was wondering, will a spray tan help cover my blushing? And will a spray tan cover my freckles?

Yes, it should cover it quite a bit, but not all together. Even though it might be tempting, use only the lightest tan for your skin type, because it can look very unnatural and/or orange. It is better to still see some of your freckles and blushing rather than looking like Oompa Loompa :-)

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