To Exfoliate Before Spray Tanning is Crucial. Deep exfoliating will not only give you a better tan, but will totally restructure your skin.

If you exfoliate regularly, you probably have more resilient and younger skin than the person that does not. Such is the nature of our bodies and all its parts that if kept clear of dirt and toxins we function better.

Below I will give you two ways to exfoliate. Both are great not only for pre spray tan exfoliation, but will also work well even if you do not want to spray tan.

Go Sloth Yourself - a way to exfoliate gently but thoroughly, this product has been formulated specifically for use before self tanning.

It comes in a small bottle, and when I first ordered it, I thought that I would use it up in two goes. Not so. It is a concentrate, so you use only a small amount. It contains millions of the tiny beads, not like other exfoliators that expect you to do your whole body with three beads.

It does a great job, but at the same time it is surprisingly gentle. It contains moisturizers, but not the type that would interfere with your tan.

My favorite part - it smells devine. It seems that the company uses real flower and fruit fragrances not the artificial garbage. So the fragrance does not deteriorate into stench of hospital disinfectant - if you know what I mean....

I use it when my tan starts to wear off and sometimes my knees and elbows need to lighten up a bit. That is the perfect way. And between tans as well when I want to feel spoiled.

Baiden Mitten - if you are looking for heavy duty way to exfoliate.

I am truly addicted to this tool. I have been using it religiously for about 18 months now and I would rather give up my toothbrush than give up this little glove.

I exfoliate with it once about 1-2 weeks and it has restructured my skin so it is way more hardy, resilient, healthy, smooth and glowing than it was before I started. It has easily taken off 10 years off the look of my skin.

Very highly recommended.

Read my SHOCKING STORY of how I learned to exfoliate with Baiden Mitten.

Well OK, it is not really shocking at all, but while having a coffee with a friend today I caught a glimpse of a headline in a magazine and was really compelled to read some unimportant story about one "star" breaking up with another.

I think that you will get a lot more benefit reading my review of the Baiden Mitten than reading about a celebrity's love life, so I thought I would use the same style for the headline LOL.

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