Exercising and spray tan

by Elizabeth
(Dunedin Florida)

Question: I am a runner, does sweating ruin the tan after the 6-8 hours has set the spray... if I sweat and run on day 2,3 and 4?

Answer: Sweating does dissolve the tan, especially in places where you sweat the most like armpits and hairline etc.

In those places the tan has a tendency to get patchy.
You can still have your spray tan but to keep it even it will mean a bit more work for you.

Make sure that after your spray tan you arm yourself with a tan extender lotion or cream. Usually the spray tanning salon will be able to sell you one, but if they don't you can get one of those creams in a supermarket or drug store which builds a tan up slowly.

Every night after you shower, just moisturize the whole body with this cream, and in the morning you should wake up with pretty even tan.

Sometimes you might have to put on another coat in places that still are a bit too white, but generally it is not necessary.

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