Exercising after spray tan

Question: I got a spray tan once and it looked great. I waited 4-5 hours before showering, wore loose clothing and all the good stuff. The problem was that when I exercised about 2 days later it started coming off in the areas I was sweating that were in contact with clothing and it looked weird. How can I avoid that? I work out often and I would like to continue working out. I don't remember if I wore a bronzer or not, but would that make a difference?


Answer: Unfortunately sweat has exfoliating qualities. You cannot avoid it, but you can repair it.

After you have a shower following exercising, just apply some of this gradual tanning moisturizers to the affected area.

That will bring this area back to the previous color. If you get dark tans, you might have to reapply the moisturizer to match your tan.

It does not matter if there is a bronzer in the solution or not.

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