Efoliating too much before spray tan?

by sydney

Question: If you exfoliate too much right before a spray tan will it not show up?

Answer: I have not found this to be the case. In fact, I exfoliate with Baiden Mitten which is as deep exfoliation as microdermabrasion and the spray tan not only comes out great but wears off amazingly even, even in places it would normally go off in patches such as where shoes rub it off, or jeans waistband.

The shallower the dead skin layer (and you cannot rub it right off without hurting yourself) the longer it takes to build up, and longer your tan lasts before the skin starts exfoliating again.

However, you must be careful what you exfoliate with. A lot of exfoliants are not suitable to use before spray tans because they contain oils. They can form a barrier on your skin and the spray tan solution cannot go through. That can cause for white patches, or even some parts of the body not tanning.
The best exfoliants are the ones made specifically for spray tanning industry, or Baiden Mitten which does not use anything but clean water.

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