drying off after spray tan

by krista

Question: is it better to pat your skin dry after you get a spray tan or to wipe it dry?

Answer: I asked my clients to wipe it very gently in a circular motion to spread the solution evently, and that is the technique that is recommended when booth spray tanning.

When a technician spray tans you by hand they more likely will ask you to pat the excess off, or even just stand in front of the fan to air dry. That is because hand held guns use much less solution than is sprayed on you in a booth.

Just ask when you go for a spray tan what they recommend.

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Feb 18, 2016
Air Body Dryer
by: Hannah

My salon also uses an air dryer. Before they used just a regular fan and I would get chilled. With this new dryer, I just stand there for a couple minutes and am warm the whole time.

Feb 22, 2013
Body Dryer
by: Kathy

WOW! Small world. The salon I use also has one of these body dryers. I'm buying one for my house. This thing is soooo cool.

Oct 13, 2012
I Use The Body Dryer
by: Anonymous

At the Tanning Salon i use, they have a body dryer that turns on after spray tan is complete. It blows warm air and dries me off completely after about 90 seconds.

I asked the owner what the product was called and she told me it is The Tornado Body Dryer. Look it up online.

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