Dry Skin

by Loz

Question: If i have fairly dry skin and a few more lines in my hand then anyone else, will the tan effect that? And can you use moisteriser after you get it done?

Answer: I am not sure what you mean by "lines in my hand" - would they be wrinkles or folds?

Anyway, for dry skin the best pre spray tan treatment is Baiden Mitten.

If you have wrinkles that you are concerned about (yes, they can become white lines if the spray tanning solution does not reach inside them) make sure that you stretch them out somehow (like making fists with your hand so the skin stretches out) while spray tanning.
If somebody will spray tan you with a hand held spray gun, they will usually remind you about it because they are very aware of this problem, but if you are spray tanning in a booth, then you have to remember yourself.

When it comes to moisturizing - you absolutely have to moisturize your spray tan, but after you wash of the bronzer, not before it.
Then, every day after that and that will keep your skin moist and your tan will stay on longer.

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