does this work on stretch marks?

by heather
(florida )

Question: I have stretch marks on my knees and butt, will this work to get rid of these without using anything like a tanner or bio-oil? If I NEED something with it, it's ok I will buy it too but I would like to know the truth and what is best for results. Thanks :)

Answer: Heather, Baiden Mitten is great on stretch marks, I had some really old ones and I thought they were there to stay. I used Bio Oil few years ago and they diminished, but were still very visible.
Then last year I started with Baiden Mitten and they got better really quickly. Then I read about using Bio Oil together with Baiden Mitten and it definitely worked for me.
I don't think they will ever dissappear, but they are so much better that they do not bother me any more. Here is more about it.

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