Does the spray tan show up right away?

Question: does the spray tan show up right away?

Answer: It all depends on one fact - does the solution have bronzer in it or not?

If it does have the bronzer in it you will look tan straight away, but it is not the real tan yet. It is just the paint they put in the spray tanning solution for your immediate gratification and to guide the spray tanning technician so she does not miss any spots. It will wash off when you have your first shower in few hours.

The real tan comes from applying DHA to your skin and it is a clear liquid (another ingredient in the spray tanning solution), which reacts with your dead skin layer and makes it turn brown. That is the tan you are after and it will stay with you until the skin will complete its natural process of exfoliation.

Bronzer is a nasty thing that can stain things and get into your pores making your skin look spotty (you can tell that I dislike it, can't you?).

That is why many people prefer to spray tan in a booth so that they can choose clear solution without any bronzer. The machine does not need to "see" if it is applying your tan uniformly. It just blasts enough solution to cover even the biggest person.

If you get a spray tan with this method you will have to wait for your tan to develop. Depending on the solution it can fully develop from 2 to 48 hours. The process is very gradual and it is real fun to watch people beginning to doubt their sanity as you get gradually darker right in front of their eyes with no sun ray within sight.

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