Does sweat affect spray tan?

Question: i play basketball and i want to get a spray tan before my dance coming up but the day i scheduled my appointment i have a game and im going to sweat. although it will be seven hours after will my tan sweat off still?

Answer: To start with, make sure that you have a shower before you go to play basket ball . If you don't the bronzer will run and you will look like a tiger (all in brown stripes) - might scare the opposing team, but it is not a good look for a spray tan.

Second yes, sweat affects spray tans. It is acidic, and when there is an access of sweat, the spray tan might wear off in patches. On some people it is a little bit, on others it is a lot. I am not sure if you had spray tans before and have noticed how does your spray tan wear out under your armpits?

Some damage control can be done with one of those moisturizers that contain some spray tanning solution and build up your tan slowly. If you would take a shower after the game and then moisturize your whole body with one of those lotions and creams, that could repair some of the damage, but would it have time to develop in time for your dance? I do not know how soon does your dance follow your basketball game.

I do not know where you live, but in Sydney you can actually get a 2 hour spray tan (so I am told by my readers), which develop in 2 hours and you could do it after the game, shower, get dressed and go to your dance.
Whatever you do, DO NOT be tempted to get a spray tan just before your dance, then get dressed and go to your dance without showering. As the tan develops, it can get to the scary stage, when it is very orange and obviously fake. That excess washes off with the first shower, but you do not want to look too overdone at your dance.

You will have to make a decision if you want to move your appointment , or are you just going to manage possible problems with your tan with a tan extending solution.

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