does spray tan rub off on your clothes after 8 hours?

by Ellie

Question: I'm getting a spray tan for my prom and I'm deffinately going to be sweating alot. How long before should I get the tan and will the sweating make it come off on my white dress! Also even if im not sweating will the tan rub off on my clothes after the first day? or is it just the first 8 hours?

Answer: The best time to get a spray tan before a function is like 2 days before. So, if your prom is on Saturday, either Thursday evening or Friday morning, so that it has enough time to develop and also so you can fix any problems (if they are any).
After 8 hours you have a shower, and most of the bronzer will wash off, but some of it might still be stuck in your skin pores. When you sweat, some of it might come out of the pores and soil your dress.

Just apply a very fine layer of powder in places where you sweat the most (like in your armpits and on the neckline) so it will trap the first sweat that will come out with bronzer. That should minimize the risk of staining the dress.

Just don't overdo it. The powder should not be visible, just a very light dusting. You don't want to make your skin white after you went to the trouble of getting a spray tan ;-)

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Mar 17, 2013
new tip?
by: TRM

Love this site thanks! I use salon bronze home product, I was told to use a cosmetic powder brush to "fill in" any missed spots and to do face and neck. Is it a good idea? Very new to this, my first time. I'm anemic and very pale. I'm thinking this will be the best way to look healthy lol. Will showering wash it all off or do I need to reapply? Any feedback is welcomed.

Boshena's comment: I personally like to put on a pair of latex gloves, squirt just a small amount of self tanner into the palm of my hand, then rub the hands together. Then I just rub it into my face and neck and it always comes out even. Just make sure you use a tiny bit, because it is better to have too little than too much.

Mar 02, 2011
Wait 24 hrs
by: Anonymous

The 8 hr dry time advertised is not enough. Sure it may FEEL DRY, BUT THE COLOR IS STILL VERY FRAGILE AND WILL FLAKE OR RUB OFF. YOU SHOULD LET IT SET A MINIMUM OF 12 hrs. The best thing to do is wear something navy blue or black and use it only for tanning and to sleep in it. Be sure to wash your hands WELL after tanning or you will end up with very DARK uneven hands. Tan. Then sleep over night before bathing. I sleep in a navy blue sweat suit which is used only for tanning. I wear dark socks and wash my hands with some sort of exfoliating scrub. This keeps color off my bedding and makes sure my hands look more natural. It is a good idea to exfoliate your entire body for a longer color as well as a more even color. Be careful, dry skin will turn darker and look unnatural. Moisturizing will help color be even. This will make sure the color is best set in and will not come off. 12 HRS MINIMUM IS BEST BUT OVER NIGHT IS SAFEST. I have been fake and baking for years. I have to use the lightest color foundation they make and it can still look too dark. Good luck :-)

Boshena's comment: I always wear latex gloves when applying self tanning products. That way I never have problems with dark palms and at the very end it is easy to jus apply a small amount of self tanner on top of one hand and rub it in with the back of other hand very carfully and thoroughly. That gets the products on top of both hands and because I use only a very small dab of it, it always looks very natural.

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