does spray tan make you look orange?

by paige

Question: well alot of ppl say that you will turn orange if you get a spray tan is that true?

Answer: Millions of people spray tan every month, so if everybody would turn orange, you would see orange people everywhere. You don't, so majority of spray tans look so natural that nobody can tell that they did not come from sitting in the sun.

People that turn orange usually are very pale and want to get very dark. That means that they use too much solution for their complexion and their skin takes on too much DHA, hence this strange color.

When you have your first spray tan go for the lightest shade possible and that way you will get a nice glow and you will also be able to see how your skin reacts to DHA, which is the component in the spray tanning solution that produces the color.
If you ask for the lightest shade there is probably about 99.9% chance that your color will be great.

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Jun 11, 2011
by: Anonymous

how much do spray tans normally cost??

Boshena's comment: Have a look at my article How Much is a Spray Tan, you can find all the information there.

May 20, 2010
Should i get one before or after graduation?
by: Anonymous

Im thinking about getting one for my graduation next weekend, i dont want to look orange so should i just skip it till after so i dont look orange for graduation

Answer: Most spray tans are not orange if you get the lightest shade, but to be on the safe side why don't you just get a lotion or cream that builds up a tan slowly. Do it few times before your graduation and stop when you think it will be enough. That way you will just get a glow which should enhance your look on the day, but will definitely not go orange as you can control how many times you apply it.

Just remember to scrub palms of your hands after each application so you that they do not stain as well.

Nov 26, 2009
spray tan look orange
by: Anonymous

I hadspray tan done lightest shade and i went orange. im not pale and dont have fair skin so how does that work??? my sister has fair skin and is pale and she had the most beautiful spray tan.

Answer: Use different solution. That one obviously did not agree with your skin. Sometimes you have to experiment a little to get the best fit, but once you find your optimum spray tanning solution you will get great results.

Bodies do funny stuff sometimes. I got couple of orange spray tans in my own salon using the solution that I have used for years. I don't know if it it was something I ate, time of the month or some cosmetic that reacted with the solution, but it only happened twice, so I know it was my body's fault, not the spray tan solution's. You can't control all the factors when it comes to spray tan, but most of the time everything turns out OK.

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