Does spray tan cause Break outs

by AP

Question: Can spray tanning cause pimples? If so which spray tan is the best to use that doesn't cause acne?

Answer: Most spray tanning solutions are aloe vera based and that is why they do not cause break outs. Often, you get less break outs after a spray tan.

However, you might be sensitive to some other ingredients in the solution which could give you more pimples. There are so many different solutions and different people are sensitive to different things, so it is really difficult to recommend any particular one.

You might have to experiment a little bit, but if you choose a solution aloe vera based, then it is a good start.

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Aug 12, 2015
Aerosol can correction
by: Ruben E

If you have uneven blotchy dark spots on your skin, look for a OTC cream with Hydroquinone. It's literally skin bleach. It takes several weeks of daily applications, then weekly upkeep, but it works. (Especially on darker skin) Be careful, it burns if not used correctly!

Aug 06, 2010
Spray Tanning and break outs!
by: Anonymous

I have had the same problems, so I switched over to a self tanner and was able to find Top Secret, by EnvyTan. As it is a self tanner for the face, it is much more gentle than a lot of the regular body tanners out there. Good Luck!

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