Does Free radical damage effect spray tan?

Question:Reading about free radical damage that can occur in the first 48 hours following a spray tan application, know anything about this? Some sites state that you should avoid sun exposure immediately following a spray tan...thoughts?

Answer: That does not make much sense to me, since a spray tan is a very temporary thing and free radical damage is something that takes a while to show the effects. Even if it did have some effect on spray tan, it would be so minimal, it would not be worth to mention.
As to sunlight affecting spray tan - there are many salons that offer "fake and bake" i.e. getting a spray tan, then going for a sunbed session and I have seen it with some of my clients that used to practice it and there was absolutely no decrease in life of the tan, in fact it lasted longer because the skin underneath the spray tan was developing a "sun" tan.

The biggest threat to spray tans is a natural skin exfoliation which makes the tans rub off in time. The best way to prevent it is to very well exfoliate the body BEFORE spray tanning to get the dead skin layer as shallow as possible. The longer it takes to build up the longer it will take for it to start falling off taking the tan with it.

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