Does Food affect spray tanning?

by Tiffanie

Question: What foods should I avoid before a tan and what foods are the best to eat before a tan and are there any vitamins to take that help your skin therefore help your tan?

Answer:There are some foods like sardines and oysters that seem to alter the PH of the skin and effect the tan, the problem is not very common at all.
Some medications - like some depressants also have a bad effect and once when my daughter took anti- cought medication she turned out as yellow as a canary.

However, generally your overall health is more important and how you prepare the skin before spray tanning so lots of vegies will keep your skin well hydrated.

I find that using Baiden Mitten couple of days before spray tanning has THE biggest effect on the quality of spray tans. The rest is a bit of a lottery. You can eat the same meal as your friend and your tan might be OK and hers not, there are too many factors to worry about, so my advice is - don't.

Just do the basics and 95% of the time it turns out great, and the rest - well, our bodies sometimes don't do what we would like them to do and that is a fact of life :-)

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