does a spray tan come off in a swimming pool ?

Question: I'm going to a pool party and I'm having a spray tan 3 days before I go. I'm just worried about whether the spray tan will come off in the water and make me go all streaky and blotchy ? Will it ?

Answer: If the pool is chlorinated, the chlorine will bleach the tan and you will come out paler than you went in, especially if you stay in the pool for a long time.

Water softens your skin and makes it easy to exfoliate and because spray tan affects only the top layer of the skin, when it exfoliates it will take some off the tan off, sometimes in patches. However, it is unlikely that you will go in tanned and come out looking like a leopard. It should get lighter pretty uniformly.

When you need to towel dry, pat your skin, do not rub it with a towel.Then let your skin dry off completely and use a tan extending lotion or cream to moisturize your skin. Because it contains some spray tanning lotion it will boost your tan and repair some minor damage.

By going to a pool party you might shorten the life of your tan, but you will look gorgeous in your swimmers so it is worth it.

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