Do gray Facial & Body hair get affected by spray tan?

by amanda

Question: Hi, I have a male client who has a beard which is light in colour and greay in some areas, He also has a very hairy chest!He is concerned that as his hair is so light will the spray solution stain the hair? He doesnt want a lovely bronzed body and orange hair!!!! Any answers for him?? Thankyou

Answer: Yes, there is a possibility that his hair will go orange, although I have seen it happen after few spray tans.

The chance is higher if your solution contains a lot of bronzer, it seems that it is the bronzer that is more of the culprit rather than DHA. I discovered this when I switched solution in my spray tan booth to clear, and after that I only got one problem with overbleached hair that went orange.

I suggest that you do a test patch on his chest with few different solutions so that you can see which one will work on the skin and not affect the hair.

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