dha allergy

by lorraine

Question: Can i be allergic to dha, each spray tan i have makes my chest really itchy inside of arms i have tried different solutions some are worse than others. help!

Answer: Yes, it is possible to be allergic to DHA, some people can even be allergic to aloe vera for instance.
I have developed exactly the same problem as you, although it took years to manifest. As a last resort try Safe Tan, my itchy rash has never come back after I started on it.
It has the highest grade of DHA. If you are allergic to THAT, than it is definitely DHA itself, but if not, than it must be some other common ingredient or even a lower grade of DHA.

Keep in mind that Safe Tan has money back guarantee, so if you order a small bottle than it will only be the cost of return postage (they offer free world wide shipping).

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