Desperate for an answer

by Melanie

Question: I have tried several different fake tan products and each time I use one I have the same problem. I cannot get a full and even tan on the front of my legs. Its as if that part of my leg just wont take the fake tan. Can you give me some advice or let me know what I may being wrong?

Answer: Some people have a spot on their body that refuses to tan. Some of those difficult spots are temporary, others permanent. I myself had a period of perhaps 2 months when one of my ankles refused to tan.

Very frustrating and the only quick solution that I have found to date is makeup.
For a long term solution Baiden Mitten works on most skin conditions, so it could be worth a try.

I must say that I have not tried it on this particular problem, but I am so in love with Baiden Mitten that I believe it can cure anything LOL.

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