dark spot

by Nico

im kinda of tan and i get dark sport when i get a pimple. Does this get rid of dark spot and leave a even skintone? And how long to see results?

Answer: Yes, Baiden Mitten evens out skin color and you should see some results immediately and then the rest should go away over weeks or months of regular use depending on how deep the darkeness is in the skin.

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by: Chole

Well, if that is the case, I do have dark spots which were left out when I had pimples and it’s been there for months. I have tried using creams that boasts to get rid of these dark spots, but they are not effective at all. Suggest me some.

Answer: Creams will do nothing as it is too deep. They only bleach the top skin layer.
You need something that stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in that area to break down that stagnant bruise- like blood clot and carry it away. Baiden Mitten is perfect for that and it does it in only few sessions.

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