daily tanning moisturizer

by erin

i have found daily moisturizers work best. you subtly get a tan over a few days or a week, instead of showing up to work one day a completely different colour then the day before. which makes the fact that it is a fake much less obvious. it is also much healthier for your skin, as it moisturizes, where as other fake tanners tend to dry out your skin. they also tend to be streaky, or orangish in colour, whereas all daily moisturizers I have used have given me an even tan, and a very natural colour. my tips are to exfoliate your skin for a few days before you use it. go about your normal routine of exfoliating, shaving, moisturising, whatever you do in or after the shower, and then apply the daily moisturizer after all of that is said and done. and in a few days you will have a radiant natural looking glow.

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