Celebrity Spray Tans.

I searched the internet for Celebrity Spray Tans and I found quite a few. On some people it is obvious that they are spray tanned, but for others it is more difficult to spot. In some instances I could even be wrong, especially with darker skin types. After all it could be a sun tan, bronzer, photo shop or even different lighting.

So, if some Celebrity Spray Tans are not a true image of what really is there I apologise, but my aim was to show you what a spray tan can do for different types of people. I have arranged the photos so that you can see their real skin color first and then progressively darker tans.

Here we go with the big reveal from lightest skin (TypeI), to the darketst (TypeV and beyond):

What are Skin Types?

Skin TypeI - Lindsay Lohan.

Her mishaps with spray and self tans are famous. A natural redhead with a very fair skin which is very prone to freckles, she uses spray tanning to camouflage this fact, often with disastrous (although amusing) results. Lindsay without make up

Lilo without any tan. On the first photo below, she has a light spray tan, which is the one she should stick to.Lovely.

Very pale skin does not take kindly to dark spray tans that is why in the second photo she glows orange even at night. And last, a spray tan that is in the process of developing after a spray tanning session. I think that she just looks scary until she has a shower, and then the bronzer will be washed off and she will look heaps better. Nothing will help the lips though...

Lindsay Lohan with spray tan

Lindsay Lohan with a bad spray tan

Celebrity Spray Tans Skin TypeII - Anna Paqin.

Anna Paquin pale skin

Anna Paquin with spray tan Anna Paquin with spray tan

Anna looks great pale or with a spray tan. Here she is with a light tan and a slightly darker one, which is still OK on her skin.

Christina Aguillera

I wish Christina would stick to the pale skin, she does that blonde bombshell look very well, but I really hate that bright orange face that looks so unnatural. That is as close to OOmpa Loompa as it gets, and I really hope it will not catch on. In my book this is the worst one of celebrity spray tans. Sorry Christina.

Chrstina Aguillera withour spray tan

Christina Aguillera with light tan Christina Aguillera orange tan

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton with pale skin

Paris Hilton with bad spray tan

Paris Hilton usually does spray tans pretty well (photo2), but on the last photo the tan is wearing Paris, not the other way around.

Celebrity Spray Tan Skin TypeIII - Catherine Zeta-Jones

For a pale person like me (typeII), I would give a lot to have this type of skin. She can wear any shade of spray tan and she will always look great. Not much chance of going orange here, because this skin type tans golden honey color anyway, so what on others might look really odd, on her it looks perfectly natural. Thinking of it, on the first photo she is without spray tan and STILL look great. So jealous.

Catherine Zeta Jones pale skin

Catherine Zeta Jones with spray tan Catherine Zeta Jones with dark spray tan

Celebrity Spray Tan Skin Type IV - Kim Kardashian

On the first photo you will see that without any tan, Kim's skin is sort of gray. This type of skin NEEDS a tan to be at its best. She can get a light tan for a glow down to the very darkest one.

Kim Kardashian with no make up

Kim Kardashian photo shopped

On the photoshopped image above, you can see exactly what a light tan would look like on her and a darker one (I always thought that darker tan will make you look thinner, but not in this case LOL). And below is a photo of Kim with a very dark spary tan, obviously photoshopped as well, so even if you have skin type IV there is little chance that you will look as great as this photo.

Kim Kardashian with spray tan

Celebrity Spray Tan Skin TypeV+ - Hallie Berry

This skin type does not really need a spray tan, but I had Afro American clients visit my salon. There were usually 3 reasons for them wanting a spray tan:

  • It was winter and their skin would lose its glowing golden color and look either gray or yellowish
  • Their skin color was uneven. Just like with any other person the places that never saw sunlight were much lighter than the rest of the body and my clients wanted to have an all over tan.
  • They had vitiligo, which meant that their skin was losing its color in patches.In dark skinned people vitiligo is very visible and people often stare at sufferers. Using spray tan skillfully can camouflage this condition.

Hallie Berry is a stunning woman with a perfect skin and all she probably has to do to get a glow is to get out in the sun for 20 minutes and she will go bronze. However, I wanted to give you a feel of what she would look like with a spray tan, so I included a photo where it looks like she MIGHT have had one.

Hallie Berry

People with this skin type only need a light spray tan to glow, but if they want to go really dark they obviously can. I have never seen one of those skin types glow orange, so they do not have to worry about that aspect of spray tanning.

Naomi Campbell

Here are other images of what spray tan MIGHT look like on an Afro-American skin. Again, did she actually have it on? - I have no idea....
Naomi Campbell with no make up

See Celebrity Spray Tans gone bad.

Bad Spray Tan Photo Gallery.

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