can you self spray tan evenly?

by lisa

Question: Im thinking of buying a pop-up tent with spray machine/gun for self use and want to know which is the best for value,also any tips fpr choosing them? I'd really like to know too if you can get 360 degree style gun for easy use of spray-tanning yourself evenly? Ive already chose the tan im going to use but would like to know,would i have to buy machine and gun made by the same company? Must say too this site is VERY helpful and informative,thanks!! X

Answer: Some people self spray tan very successfully, although I am definitely not one of them. I use self tanner and this is how I apply it. Some people just spray tan in the shower cubicle, so no need for the tent, but it is up to you.
You do not have to use the same manufacturer's solution as the gun manufacturer, but you must be aware that if you choose not to do it, you might be voiding warrantee of the machine manufacturer.

I have not tried any home spray tanning system, but I have researched some and I found that Click here to post comments

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