Can you get allergy from a spray tan?

by Stephanie
(Sydney, Australia)

I had a spray tan recently, and I got some itchy welts after it. I had to take a shower, because it was so itchy, and of course I washed off spray tan with it. I use self tanning products and I never had a reaction to those. Is spray tan solution different to self tanning products?

Answer: Stephanie, you probably do not have allergy to DHA which is the "tanning agent" in both spray tan solution and also self tanning products, but to another ingredient in this spray tan product.
The solutions and self tanning products can have up to 40 different ingredients, a lot of them not approved for use in cosmetics. If you go to a different salon which uses different solution chances are that you might not be allergic to that one.
If you want to find out more about it, go to my "Spray Tan Dangers" page.
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Jan 28, 2008
I thought all the spray tans were the same.
by: Cass

I am getting very nervous here. I thought all spray tan solutions had the same ingredients. How will I know which one is good for my skin? I am alergic to few things and now I am too nervous to try.

Answer Cass, if you are allergic to few things it might be an idea to do a test patch first. However, you can always start with SafeTan, and the probability that you will react to this is very slim, so you should be right.

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