Can spray tan leave hickey looking stains

Question: I went spray tanning and it was raining when I came out when i got home i noticed I had a very dark pigment almost bruise or hickey colour where my hair sits on my shoulders as well as other places where my skin was dry at the time. If so what are the odds of this re-occuring?

Answer: I have hard time imagining it and I am not completely sure what you mean. There are few possibilities in my mind:

-it has something to do with the rain, and although you say that it happened on dry skin, it could have been the moisture in the air that "pooled" excess solution in one spot, it could have been your sweat at well.

- it also could have been problem with spray tanning (I am not sure which method you used), either not wiping properly if you sprayed in the booth, or if sprayed with a gun accidentally getting excess solution there either by a technician, or putting on your clothes when the spray tan has not dried completely.

- and lastly, some people have some dry skin patches on their body that only become visible after spray tanning which grab more than their fair share of the solution (I have ankles that always look twice as dark as the rest of the body if I don't take precautions).

All in all, unless it is the third option it is not likely to happen again. If you do have dry patches in those places, make sure you exfoliate extra carefully before next spray tan and that should take care of the problem.

If you have any more questions, I suggest you ring the salon where you got your spray tan and ask them about it. If there is some fault with their equipment and it "splatters" they might not be aware of it.

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