Can spray tan cause leathery skin?

Question: Is it possible for spray tan to cause temporary leathery skin in some regions?

Answer: Frankly, I have never seen such effect. I imagine that if the solution would be very drying to your skin, it could show up as leathery skin.

I have always used solution that has aloe vera base and that is very hydrating to the skin. Check the ingredients in the solution that you are using.

If you had the tan done professionally, next time go to a different salon where they use different solution, and see if that will make a difference.

If you use self tanners, and you've never had this problem before, than it IS the solution.

However, if with different products you still have the same effect than it probably is something in your skin that the self and spray tan enhance.

I had a bit of a shock when I first started to spray tan and lots of little dry spots tanned darker then the rest of my body. My thighs looked as they had a bad case of chicken pox.
When I started to exfoliate regularly, it all went away, but it was definitely my skin's problem, and not the fault of the solution.

Try exfoliating really well in those places where you have the leathery patches before the next spray tan and see if this will make any difference.

So, the cause is either your skin or the spray tan solution.

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