can i tan more after a spray tan?

Question: i have been told that before you start tanning before vacation your supposed to get a spray tan and then you can tan from there.? is it possible to tan after you have your spray tan and will it harm my spray tan if i put tanning oil on while im at the beach?

Answer: People like to get a spray tan before going for holidays because then they have caurage to actually show up on the beach not looking snow white.
The important thing to remember is that although you already have a "tan" before you hit the beach, it is only a cosmetic application and your skin is very likely to get burned if you don't take is slowly.
I would suggest not spending too much time on the beach initially because if you burn, you will peel and you will loose your tan.

Wear SPF15 for the first 4 days and when you develop a bit of real sun tan you can start using tanning oil.

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