How to camouflage vitiligo with spray tan.

camouflage vitiligo with spray tan Sufferers of this condition will know that it is not easy to camouflage vitiligo. They can wear clothing to hide their condition, but since it takes years for the process to complete, it is not much fun to wear long sleeves and pants in summer. It is not painful, nor contagious, but most sufferers get sick of the stares and others avoiding them in fear of catching "the disease".

Perhaps the most famous sufferer of the condition was Michael Jackson. He used to camouflage vitiligo with make up and bandages, but eventually it became quite obvious.
Michael Jackson with vitiligo

Michael Jackson's vitiligo

It is not possible to "cure" vitiligo. When the skin starts to loose its pigment, it will not stop until the process is completed.

Could it be possible to camouflage vitiligo with spray tan?

The answer is - absolutely YES. Many vitiligo patients have discovered that it can be relatively easy to achieve a look of (almost) flawless skin if they learn appropriate techniques.

To achieve the best results, it is important to tailor the method to the condition of your skin.

If your vitiligo is in the beginning stages, you will only have small patches of white skin, so only minor adjustments are required. You will need:

  • a bottle of liquid fake tanning solution,
  • a small painting brush and
  • a tube of one of those self tanners that builds up a tan slowly over few applications (optional).
Make sure you have exfoliated the area to be treated a night before to remove excess dead skin. To treat the white patches simply dip the brush into fake tanning solution making sure that you scrape the excess of it on the rim of the container (otherwise you might finish with dark patches instead of white ones) and paint in the white areas. You might need more than one application depending on how dark your skin is, but keep in mind that the tan goes darker as it develops, so don't go too dark. Once you have achieved the desired color, you can follow it with an application of self tanning cream all over your body to even out the tone of the whole skin.

cover vitiligo

vitiligo help

If you are in the later stages of vitiligo, your white patches will be large, and it might be a good idea to go for a professional spray tan. You must choose a salon where they use a hand held device as opposed to spray tanning booth, because the technician will have to do some fiddly work to make sure that your tan is even. Most salons are quite used to clients with uneven skin tone, and what they do in such situation is to fill in the white areas first with one coat of spray tan and then spray tan the whole body again to give it an even all over color. The result is a flawless look which is a rare treat for a vitiligo sufferer.

A word of caution: DO NOT first attempt to camouflage your vitiligo with spray tan before an important date. You will need some practice first to achieve perfect results. Take some time over a weekend when you have time and patience to work with your skin to achieve the desired results and take care of any accidental fake tan overdoses.

However, if you DO perfect the technique, you will love the results and could go through the whole process of transition with minimum of discomfort due to the appearance of your skin.

Attention - if you are suffering from Vitiligo, check your Vitamin B12 levels. You are most likely deficient!
With Vit B12 injections or supplements you might be able to stop Vitiligo progress or even reverse it.

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