Business Plan Kit for Your Spray Tanning Company.

If you don't have one, your business will die a slow and painful death.

Do you need to get a business plan kit? Surely it can't be that difficult to get some equipment and start spray tanning?

It is not if you are just going to spray tan your family and friends. But that is not called a business, its a hobby. If you are planning to make some regular income from your venture, you have start thinking like an entrepreneur. You will need some experts to help you along a way, otherwise it will cost you.

I was once watching a program "So you think you can dance" and marveled how it is possible that people can learn a whole new genre of dancing within a week and perform it to competition standards. Than it dawned on me - they did not have to start from the beginning; they were personally mentored by the best experts in the world. They skipped many steps and not only saved years and years of hard slog, but also were guaranteed success.

It is the same in business. You can blindly stumble through the dark inventing your own wheel, or you can hire an expert. If you have lots of money, you hire Dan Kennedy who has worked with multimillion dollar companies but if you don't, you reach for books.

Here are some that I recommend that you read BEFORE you do your first spray tan:

Reading it will save you and make you thousands of dollars.Sure, parts of this publication might not be wildly entertaining, but before you start your spray tanning business you simply have to know things like: what expenses to expect and what kind of insurance you will need. Click on the image above, you can view the table of contents online, it will give you a better idea of what to expect from this Business Plan Kit.

In ADDITION to Business Plan Kit, you will also need these books. While the Kit will keep you out of trouble and on track, the books by Dan Kennedy will put your business on adrenaline. I have them all (and few more) and have been working steadily through them re-designing my businesses to incorporate his ideas. The results are INCREDIBLE.

And please, just because those books are dirt cheap, under no circumstances minimize the value of ideas that you can find there. Dan Kennedy is a marketing genius and every page in those books is worth many more times its weight in gold.

How to spray tan business manual.

How to choose a spray tan machine for your business
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