Breathing up spray tan stuff?

by Allie
(South Jersey)

Question: I'm sure it's safe to breathe it up as it fills the booth but I don't like the smell, then I try holding my breath and since I can't hold my breath for four plus minutes I ended up running out before it finished! I got some color but I'm sure it would've looked a bit darker & nicer if I stayed in the whole time. Is there, like, nose plugs I can get to help that? Or even plug tissues up there before I jump on in there!?

Answer: I believe that spray tan fumes are not dangerous, but I also do not like the smell. The salon should have winkies for your eyes and nose plugs, or at least some cotton wool that you could stuff up your nose. Take your own just in case if you have to.

Experienced spray tanners simply open the door in between changing positions and take a deep breath, but to do this you must be comfortable with spray tanning process. When you are new to spray tanning in a booth you have enough on your mind thinking about the next position without having to worry about taking a breath in between spays, so cotton wool is the answer.

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