Breast feeding with a spray tan

by Charisse
(Ithaca, NY)

Question: I have had a couple clients who are breast feeding. During a spray tan session I cover the nipple area with tape. Any tips or suggestions? Should a woman who is breast feeding not get a spray tan?

Answer: I have always encouraged breast feeding ladies to wear a bikini top for the simple reason that when baby is feeding it will take into it's mouth more breast than just the nipple. Baby's mouth wears the tan off really quickly and the client will be left with stupid white patches around their nipples, which look much worse than tan lines from the bikini top. The ladies that followed my advice usually chose to also wear a thong (g-string in Australian) so it looked very natural, as if they got a natural tan on the beach.

As to health hazards for the baby - there can be some, because different spray tanning solutions use different ingredients some of which might have adverse consequences. See Spray tan Dangers here.

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