Best Spray Tan Secret -Body exfoliating with Baiden Mitten.

What this product does for spray tans will blow your mind!

If you have read some of my website you will know that I am a big fan of body exfoliating before spray tanning. In fact I think it is crucial. Without it you will tan uneven and your tan will be coming off in patches. In extreme cases you can look worse with a spray tan on than without it.

Although there are many products on the market that will exfoliate your skin (some better than others)I have never been fully satisfied with any of them, because none of them has ever got rid of my problem spots like dry ankles, knees and elbows. That is - until now.

best exfoliation glove for tanning I came across Baiden Mitten accidentally, looking for something totally different. I ordered it, tried it and was incredibly amazed at what it was able to do for my skin. I have never, ever had similar results with anything, even professional microdermabrasion. The whole texture of my skin is changing and it is already of better texture than 10 years ago. See on the photo on the right how smooth my legs are after just two uses (a week apart) of this amazing body exfoliating mitt. I know it is a crappy photo and my legs are definitely not that shape, but I wanted you to see THE GLOW. I can't stop touching my skin now, it feels like silk.

Baiden mitten exfoliation

Of course, I just had to check how Baiden Mitten works as body exfoliating before spray tan.

I tried it and the results were OUTSTANDING! I got the most even tan I have ever had. To date I have only tried it with a self tanner. Normally, when I use this particular self tanner I keep the tan for maximum 5 days. Usually about 3-4. After this time it is pretty much gone.

This time however, on day 5 the tan was still ALMOST FULL STRENGTH on most of my body.

At this stage I have no idea how long I would have kept this tan because I just really wanted to scrub again with this amazing mitt. To date, I have done body exfoliating four times with this glove, and after each time the texture of my skin becomes finer and finer. I just want to see how far back in time my skin can go. It is so exciting!

Below you can see how much dead skin and impurities this little mitt can take just off the arm. You should see how much stuff you can get off the whole body! Body Exfoliating
Update 1: I have had another go at applying the self tanner a day after exfoliating my skin with the Baiden Mitten, and it was again so even that it looked more like I had an olive skin rather than a fake tan on. By day 8 the tan was almost gone, but it faded in such incredibly even way that I never got any white marks where the waist band of my jeans rubbed - as I ALWAYS DO, or on the top of my thighs and not even on my feet when I wore runners. It ALL faded very evenly. When I scrubbed on day 9 I was surprised to see that all the rolls of skin were deep brown, so obviously I still had some spray tan on! When I scrubbed all the fake tan came off, there was absolutely no darker patches left. I tell you, this product was made for tanning.

Update 2: It is almost 2 months since I started using Baiden Mitten for body exfoliating and my skin is getting better and better. Today I had a meeting from work and one woman came up to me and said "I just wanted to tell you that you have amazing skin, can I touch it?!!!" To be fair, I did have foundation on, but believe me, foundation looks different on the ordinary skin and on one that is polished to be perfectly smooth. I have never been known to have beautiful skin (just average), and this is the very first time in my life that anybody gave me any complements about it. I was blown away and a bit emotional.

Update 3: It is 3 months now since I have started body exfoliating using Baiden Mitten. I am now using the glove twice a week and I can scrub pretty hard since my skin is so hardy now. Gone are the days of sensitive skin! I do not burn red in the sun any more, but turn brown (mind you I AM sensible about how much time I spend in the sun),I use very minimal amount of cosmetics since my skin is in great condition even without them. Best results are on my arms and on my lips. Not a sign of dryness. I am totally in love with the Baiden Mitten.

Here is a video that I found of a model talking about Baiden Mitten. It is a company video, but just look at that skin - that cannot be faked! That is EXACTLY what I am talking about. Her skin glows from within as if this girl swallowed a light bulb! I see that she does what I do as well - I use Baiden Mitten daily to massage my skin under a shower. Just don't do it at the beginning please, your skin has to get used to the rougher treatment before it can handle it.

OK, here is the video:

I just knew that I had to get the same results for my readers, so I contacted the company and convinced them to offer a free shipping worldwide. It is just too good, especially if you spray tan regularly. Then it is a must.

Click on the first link below which will take you to the Baiden Mitten website and check out the before and after photos of the mitt users. I was sceptical, but after using the mitt myself I can see that those are real results.

pre-tan exfoliation glove Update 4: Yay, in April 2014 the company has released a Baiden Mitten made especially for fake tanners! It is darker in color, so the fabric does not stain when you use it regularly. Your glove will not turn murky brown if you use frequently to remove the old tan. Apart from that, it works just as well as the original glove. Another great thing - if you are in US, it is available on Amazon.

You can purchase Baiden Mitten here.

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Baiden Mitten

I admit that I was skeptical about purchasing the Baiden Mitten. I originally stumbled across it on a spray tanning website where it came highly recommended and it roused my curiosity. I searched the internet looking for reviews and was able to find a few, but not many. I finally decided to take the plunge when I found the mitten on eBay and saw that it could be returned for a full refund if I wasn't satisfied. I tried it the same day that it arrived and I couldn't be more pleased with the product that I received! It truly does exactly what it advertises, and it's taking everything in my power to stick to the instructions and not use it again until 7 days. I can not believe how much dead skin and impurities came off of my body and face, or how soft my skin was after I used it. I literally had to give my bathroom floor a thorough sweeping after I was done using the mitten as there were little balled up pieces of dead skin everywhere! Thank you so much for such a fantastic product!

- Bethany W. (Georgia,US)

I tried just about everything on the market. I have discovered the Baiden Mitten is superior in the skincare regime. It has made my skin luminous, my pores have tightened, I feel as if I literally turn back the clock. My skin is so much better than it was five months ago when I started using the Baiden Mitten.
- Kari, California, US)

I want to thank you sincerely for taking the time to reply to my query on your website. I am so grateful that I found your webpage!...Thank you for helping out a nervous bride!
- Kristen

I tend to spend a lot of time in the sun and in the wind. And that takes toll on my skin. I was amazed when used the Baiden mitten, how much of the impurities came off.
I like Baiden! It is simple, it is odorless, it is easy to use and it works!
- Mary, US

…I soaked at least ten minutes. Then I got out of the water and started using the Baiden Mitten. It is really hard put it into words. Because it is invigorating, it was refreshing, my skin felt really good! Afterwards you feel really clean. Your skin just feels alive! It is amazing! It was easy to do.
One of the things I really liked about it gives you time for yourself, relax, you pamper yourself. It is rejuvenating for the skin, it makes it look a lot better. After the first use I noticed a dramatic difference! Not only it looked a lot better, it felt more alive! It definitely felt smoother. I had a dry skin problem. My skin is no longer dry! It feels smooth and I don’t even need to use the lotion after I scrub with Baiden. My hands look better, my arms feel better!
- Judi,(California, US)

I am in love with Baiden Mitten. I have never had such incredibly even tan in my life…
-Angela, Australia

I have tried the Baiden Mitten once and liked it. I was notblown away by the results (although looking at your skin peel off is cool) I am just not sure how often I can use it. I don't have 20 - 30 minutes to soak in a tub at night. I barely have time to wash my face in the evening!!!I have to do a major "Scrub" down over the next day or two to remove some stubborn self-tanner I am testing right now!! If it will prolong my tan on my feet -I am sold!! : ) I always get "Athletes Foot" not the fungus but the white feet from my gym / tennis shoes because of being in the gym everyday!!
-Sinead, US

It lightly, gently scrapes off the residue which needs to be removed, does not suppose to be on your skin anymore. It does not hurt or anything. It feels firm, and it feels invigorating. You are massaging your skin and your skin responding. When you get out of the shower and rinse of the fragments you feel really clean! It makes you feel great, it makes your skin look great!
I will use it forever! I think it is an investment in my health.
It is nice to hear people saying my skin looks nice but it is more important for me that I feel good! I like the skin I am in now! I recommend it to anyone.
- Birgit, Germany

When I saw the mitten first time, I was skeptical. It is hard to think a mitten can do such an unbelievable job! It is not only how it looks, it is how it feels. You just know that it is good for your skin. Your skin feels so much better.
-Barbara, Australia

Instead of putting lotion on your skin this is much healthier way because you are not covering up, camouflaging. You are helping the skin to work for itself from within. And you see and feel the healing! The dead skin cells and other residue blocks the pores and makes it harder releasing other toxins waiting to be wasted via your skin. The Baiden mitten removes all of them. You literally are cleaned. The exfoliation removed all of the impurities including accumulated toxins on the skin. It is cleansing more than cleaning. No wonder the skin feels so good afterwards! The skin is functioning fully.
-Cindi, US

( Refund) I didn't use the mitten, only looked at it. Just wasn't what I was expecting. I appreciate your excellent customer service.

…skin feels very good, has a glow to it. It is smooth & shiny & not dry. Skin feels silky soft naturally with no chemicals. It is amazing! I can see and feel the difference after using the mitten just one time. I have very dry skin and spend a lot of money on different lotions trying to lubricate my skin. Forget the lotions - this really works. I'll be saving money with the mitten. It is like lubricating my skin from the inside. Instead of buying lotions with chemicals and additives I am enhancing my skin naturally. It is amazing and it totally works the very first time. I also like getting a little "me time" relaxing in a warm tub and pampering myself.
Judi, US

… Every time I used the mitten my skin is so much softer, like I am getting a new start every time I exfoliate. I am getting new skin all over again.

When I first time saw the Baiden Mitten, I thought it was too good to be true. And it did not happen for me straight away. I had to use it a couple of times to get results. First time I noticed a little bit of difference. Second time was a little bit better. But the third time it was like magic! My skin was tighter, younger, and softer!
-Melissa, US

Tried Baiden for the first time last night. Cannot believe how soft my skin is. Even more amazed that it doesn't feel dry, even with minimal moisturizer. And I'm used to using very heavy moisturizer! Can't wait to see what my skin will be like in 2 months