Blotchy spray tan!

by Felicia

Question: So today was mine and my friends first time spray tanning. I decided to do it because I'm redheaded so obviously I have fair skin. And I tried tanning for a week and all I got was sunburn so I stopped! And I like my spray tan on my face and stomach, however, I have small little speckles of "false" tan on my arms and legs. And I know it takes 6-12 hours for the tan to fully develop, but I'm afraid those little speckles won't even out and look a little less blotchy. Will they?

Answer: I don't know, because it is impossible to determine what is going on just from your description.
I mean, they could be just little stains from the machine splattering - and those come off with a first shower, or some people actually have some dry spots on their skin that are not normally visible, but they absorb more spray tanning lotion than the rest of the skin. Those are a problem and the only sure way to get rid of them that I know of is to exfoliate before spray tan with a Baiden Mitten.

If you shaved or waxed close to getting a spray tan the bronzer might have lodged itself in the pores. That also can give a spotty look.

So, I do not know if this is a problem within your skin, or the spray tan application.
If they don't come off after a first shower your best bet would be to go back to the salon and ask them about it. They might be able to tell you the reason.

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